Valkyria Chronicles

Categories : Action
Language : Japanese
Subs : English
Format : mkv mp4 720p
Host : Rapidshare Megaupload

Summary :

An anime adaptation of the Japanese tactical role-playing game developed by Sega exclusively for the PlayStation 3. In the 1930's EC, Europa is split by the Empire and the Federation, the two dominant military powers that divide the continent. The two powers struggled for ultimate supremacy, inevitably starting the E.W.II (Second Europan War) involving all of Europa. Gallia, a small independent nation situated between the two super powers now faces attacks from the Imperial Army due to its availability of Ragnite. The Gallian Army is overmatched by the Imperial forces and must retreat quickly. But just when the nation was about to surrender its capital city, one squad leader's unusual strategy defeats the Imperial Army. The name of that young lieutenant was Welkin Gunther and this is his story.



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